Wyld Stallions of Stallia

Gaining Ground 4-5-17 Episode 4

We return to Camp Acorn and spend a few days resting.  Gamora sneaks away in the night, presumably to search for Braximus. During this time, Squink studies the green potion he found, determining that it is “not healing; not poison”, but little else.  Klit Torrez, a high ranking Corlinn Blade, sworn to serve Elos, is also with us now.  Darcy watches over Elos day and night while he rests and regains his strength.  After a few days, Usidor convenes a meeting in the large acorn where he studies the marking on Elos’s neck. He says it is magical and is part of a name.  It is cursed, and Elos could become evil again at any moment. Usidor says we need to find the rest of the name in order to find out who is controlling the giant ape monsters and Elos, and defeat them.  

Our meeting is somewhat interrupted by a merchant ship that has just arrived from Ansari Encampment (outside the ruins of Neverwinter).  Feeling okay at the moment, Elos accompanies us to the ship to purchase supplies.  The head merchant is a guy named Eddrick and he is ready to make deals.  With much persuasion, and some help from Elos, Squink convinces Eddrick to take Squink’s (unidentified and never-used) “glittery belt” in exchange for a “bag of tricks” that Eddrick won’t give any details on except that one can reach into it and pull out something magical. For seemingly no reason, Elos suddenly snaps and looks evil and menacing again, ready to fight.  But before he can attack us, Usidor poofs in and clocks Elos on the head with an odd-looking slimy green club, which snaps him out of it. Usidor gives the club to Klit with instructions to use it if Elos turns again. We continue shopping.  Elos uses his great wealth (roughly 1700 gold altogether) to make sure we all have the supplies we need.  Squink gets a “Helm of Comprending Languages”. Darcy gets 5 scrolls of Fireball. Others get stuff too. We discuss our options and decide that we should further explore the ruins where  Once equipped, we head out for the ruins.

We make it to the ruins at sundown. As soon as we enter, Elos snaps!  Itried attempts to grapple him but fails.  Squink wraps his little arms around Klit’s weapon arm to help him aim and Klit delivers a powerful thwack with the slimy green beat-rod, knocking Elos to his senses (but dealing a little damage).  Behind the interior door we find 3 chewed-up gnarled corpses. Elos and Klit smite them before they can try to stand up and attack us.  We find a locker full of faces.  Yup, faces.  We are kinda in a rush, so Squink just quickly grabs the best-looking face and stuffs it into his bag and we move on.  Pretty soon we enter a larger throne-room-like chamber, with a short dais at the end and a row of pillars lining either side.  At the center of the dais is a large rotting old-looking chair.  The vine-shrouded wall behind the chair pulses with the foul, green glow of evil magic.  CLIFFHANGER ENDING!  (Squink)



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